Thursday Jan 11, 2024

EP 058: Sunlight and PTSD with Kelley Erickson

Could the secret to overcoming trauma lie in the interplay of light and nutrition?" In this episode of the Quantum Biology Collective podcast, Meredith Oke delves into this topic with Kelley Erickson, a holistic health practitioner with expertise in nutrition, Reiki, and functional mental health. Kelley shares her journey of healing from childhood trauma and addiction, unveiling how she discovered the vital connection between light, nutrition, and trauma recovery.


Her story begins with her struggles against complex PTSD and addiction, leading her to explore profound healing avenues. Initially focused on helping her son with a movement disorder, Kelley soon realized the necessity of addressing her own deep-seated trauma.


During her healing process, Kelley discovered the significant impact of light and nutrition on trauma recovery. She discusses how the mitochondria, our cells' powerhouses, are affected by chronic stress and trauma. Adopting a ketogenic diet helped shift her body's energy utilization from sugar to fat, supporting mitochondrial health and overall well-being.


Kelley also highlights the crucial role of natural light in regulating circadian rhythms and the stress response system. Sun exposure, she explains, sends vital safety signals to the mitochondria and assists in regulating the vagus nerve, key to managing stress and enhancing emotional health.


In addition, Kelley offers practical tips to create an environment conducive to trauma recovery. These include allowing fresh air and natural light into living spaces, using red light or candlelight in the evenings, and reducing electromagnetic field exposure by limiting Wi-Fi and device usage.


Kelley's story is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of our physical and emotional health and the importance of a holistic approach in healing trauma. Her insights provide valuable strategies for those seeking to nurture their bodies and minds on the path to recovery.



  • “One of the ways that we can help our mitochondria is by allowing them to shift from a state of being a sugar burner to being a fat burner. And this does a couple of different things. It produces more metabolic water. It can help with nutrient sensing and signaling, which becomes significantly arrested through chronic stress.” (13:57 | Kelley Erickson)
  • “Light plays a really big role in helping the hypothalamus regulate or control the state that the vagus nerve is in. “(16:46 | Kelley Erickson)
  • “If we put our bodies in the environment that they're meant to be in, they will heal. They know how to heal themselves.” (29:18 | Meredith Oke)
  • “When we vibrate at a frequency that emits coherence, that's when we feel the most love. And I think that's when we can feel connected to something greater than ourselves. And it really opens the door for so much more spiritual healing.”  (59:27 | Kelley Erickson) 



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