Thursday Jan 18, 2024

EP 059: From Liquid Crystal to Ether: Next Level Quantum Biology with Carrie Bennett

Ether, the unseen conductor of health and vitality, takes center stage in this fascinating episode of the Quantum Biology Collective podcast. Join host Meredith Oke and guest Carrie Bennett as they unravel the mysteries of ether in quantum biology and its profound implications for human health and healing.


Meredith and Carrie engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the critical role of light and circadian rhythms in our well-being, addressing why this vital information remains on the periphery of mainstream medical and alternative health practices. 


Delving into the concept of structured water, Carrie highlights Gerald Pollack's research, which reveals how water molecules form a liquid crystal, effectively serving as an antenna within the body for energy and information. Carrie explains the concept of ether, a fluid medium that fills all space and interacts with our bodies at a vibrational level. This discussion underscores the ether's sensitivity to consciousness, intention, and emotions, and its significant role in influencing our health.


This enlightening conversation offers a fresh perspective on the role of ether in shaping our health and encourages listeners to embrace a holistic approach to well-being. By tuning into the subtle yet powerful influence of the ether, we can unlock new pathways to enhanced health and vitality.



  • There's a whole line of physics that studies the behavior of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals can store data. They can receive information. They can transduce information. This liquid crystalline water is a conduit for quantum energy flow. So things like electrons and protons can flow. And so now that we know that this water has these really special properties, I think it's really easy to see how if we've omitted these properties of water that are around every protein, every biomolecule, every hormone, every receptor in the body, if we've ignored that, then we have not studied water and these hormones and molecules as they would be behaving in the human body, right? We've just studied them in isolation and we've completely ignored how truly intelligent and important that water is inside of us.”  (19:07 | Carrie Bennett)
  • “Water is receiving all sorts of vibrations and interpreting that, and then the body can adapt in real time because it knows. Vibration is the language of the universe. The body knows what to do with that information.” (22:58 | Carrie Bennett)  
  • “How is it that people thinking, like focusing intently on love and peace, how does that get to people who have no clue that this is going on? How is it influencing? It's because we are always a part of the ether. We're always interacting with it.” (44:41 | Carrie Bennett)



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