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EP 061: The Infrared Deficiency Epidemic & Effective Red Light Therapy with Kelly Bento

“Super simply, it’s everything for everyone,” says Kelly Bento about the power of infrared light therapy to heal the body and promote wellness by infusing your cells with direct energy. A clinician, Kelly regularly used lasers on her dental patients, and became even more invested in them after her brother sustained a brain injury. Soon she developed her own red light therapy products, Soleil Well. 


Red light makes up 42% of the sun’s light that is meant to hit us all day, every day. Since all of us living in the modern world are drastically deficient in natural light, the photobiomodulation that red light therapy acts as an adjunct therapy. Your cells recognize and know exactly what to do with that light, providing the cleanest, quickest and most efficient form of energy. 


The benefits are immediate, promoting everything from increased circulation of blood to the brain, improved lymphatic flow to stem cell stimulation. Despite all of these benefits, many still believe that infrared benefits are merely skindeep. Kelly answers these criticisms, explaining how her products–which include panels and a torch—work and the best time to use them. 


She also shares the story of a client who is one of the world’s longest-living survivors of childhood diabetes, and as a result had a serious and persistent issue that no other therapy could seem to alleviate. The results provided by infrared therapy and the relief it provided were nothing short of remarkable. 


As a clinician first and a businesswoman second, Kelly goes above and beyond to assure the quality of her products. She and Meredith warn of what many manufacturers do–and don’t do–and what to look for from your products. 



  • “When you shine light on the body, amazing things happen within the mitochondria. So it is the cleanest, most efficient, most direct form of energy that your body fully recognizes and fully knows what to do with.” (7:42 | Kelly Bento)
  • “Light is the software that runs the hardware of the human body. Light is the program that runs it all.” (9:51 | Kelly Bento
  • “Blue light starts to have a crescendo affect—-there’s a little when the sun rises, then it starts to peak, then it starts to fall, so there’s supposed to be limited amount of blue light at different times of day—red is 42% of all sunlight all day, every day. Red are, in my opinion, from a human biology standpoint, the most important wavelengths and we are so profoundly deficient in what our body needs for everything to run smoothly, efficiently, and in the most healthy, energized manner.” (17:43 | Kelly Bento)
  • “To understand the deficiency, and how little light we’re getting and how much light we need, makes the case for adding in a modality like this. Honestly, we’re so lucky that this technology exists because, moving forward, as our environment continues to change and becomes less and less biologically positive, using technology like this, you’re able to add in more benefit.” (27:08 | Kelly Bento
  • “I’m not a product person. I’m a clinician. What is best for my patients? How will I be able to best serve my patient, and my family and my loved ones and my friends? And so here I am. I never thought in my mid-50s I’d be launching a business, but here I am.” (101:04 | Kelly Bento)



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