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EP 062: What’s Your Human Design? Understanding All The Parts of Ourselves

“When people get to settle into their natural rhythm versus forcing themselves to be what they’ve been conditioned to be or what society tells us we need to be, then there’s infinite freedom,” says Gwen Dittmar, who specializes in Quantum Human Design. This practice, originally founded by Rah Uber Hu, draws from Vedic astrology, quantum physics, the Hindu chakra system, as well as elements of Kabbalah and of the Chinese I Ching. 


We are all composed of nine energy centers in different configurations which determine the unique way in which we all download information from the divine and how that information assimilates inside of us. Our “authorities” help us best make decisions, while our “strategies” help to determine how we are best to engage in life. Our “profile number” has to do with our personalities, our purpose and our ideal experience. 


Gwen practices a form of quantum design introduced by Karen Curry Parker, which is built upon Ra Uru Hu’s work and considers us co-creators along with our chart, able to tap into different frequencies that may not necessarily be printed there. 


Gwen walks Meredith through her own quantum design chart, explaining how it affects everything from her ideal method of manifesting to the way she digests food. As humans have evolved so have–and will–the elements of quantum design. Gwen explains the “split” she believes humanity will experience in our lifetime, one which will explain all of the transitions the world has been experiencing lately. 


Quantum human design helps us to better understand ourselves, our unique way of being in the world, and how we can tap into our highest potential. It gives us the opportunity to develop more compassion for others, allowing us to celebrate what they bring to the table, and determine how to best work together for a common good. 



  • “I call it an ‘activation’ because there’s something–a frequency, quantum, a transmission–that activates inside of you, and your body responds to it like, ‘Oh, right! That’s the incarnation! That’s the truth and the essence of who I really am. Let’s learn more about that.” (8:53 | Gwen Dittmar)
  • “As long as we’re open and we’re willing and we’re curious to either be accurate in what we thought or inaccurate and to learn something new and open to something new, I think skepticism and doubt are beautiful.” (12:07 | Gwen Dittmar)
  • “A lot of people feel like, ‘Wow, there’s nothing wrong with me. This is the frequency and the essence that my soul chose to incarnate and to experience in this lifetime. So, how can I learn to be with that?’” (22:49 | Gwen Dittmar)
  • “We know from our primal ancestors that if there was fear of a bush or a berry, it was important to follow that and be connected to that and to not eat that berry. For your survival. That was instinct. But then we evolved as a species. Yes, that’s very important. We need that for time, for safety, for instinct, for that primal knowing. But we’re also starting to evolve and we’re starting to have feelings of, ‘OK, I have fear, but is it really because I’m on the edge of a cliff or is there fear because there’s something that I want to embark on and I’m scared to do it.” (27:37 | Gwen Dittmar)
  • “Yes, it’s important to know how you feel but also not to be consumed by how you feel. Because it’s just information, it’s not a whole experience.” (29:53 | Gwen Dittmar)
  • “And what’s so cool is that, in Human Design, there’s also very specific information for each person about how they’re supposed to eat, when they’re supposed to eat, what types of food they’re supposed to eat, what’s really important for them while they’re eating.” (46:31 | Gwen Dittmar)
  • “When people get to settle into their natural rhythm versus forcing themselves to be what they’ve been conditioned to be or what society tells us we need to be, then there’s infinite freedom. You get to just be you and operate in the world. And also you operate and honor other people for who they are, and they don’t have to be like you.” (52:07 | Gwen Dittmar) 



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